Ways of Expression ebook

About this ebook

This ebook is designed for readers who are learning and using English in everyday life situations. You can use it as a companion book that assists your study and everyday communication in English.

  Not only vocabulary

With nearly 7.000 expressions categorized into 2 levels - Informal and Formal, "Ways of Expression" makes it easy for anyone to look up ways to express in any situation, satisfying any communication needs.

  Diverse content

Expression sorted into 7 groups, including: Greeting and taking leave; Showing feeling and attitude; Asking people to do things; Showing concern and absence of concern; Advising and warning; Showing ability, possibility and predicting; Presenting and arguing

Why this ebook?

Develop a cross-cultural linguistic insight for the English language

Form a linguistic reflex when communicating in English

Express ideas and feelings fluently and naturally in English

Expand and optimize existing user’s English repertoire
Ways of Expression ebook

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These are 7 categories that the ebook covers

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About Author

Prof Nguyen Quang
Prof. Nguyen Quang, Ph.D

Prof. Nguyen Quang is a Vietnamese Senior lecturer and Senior researcher at the University of Languages and International Studies - Vietnam National University.

With 40 years of experience and expertise in Intercultural communication and Cross-cultural pragmatics, he has participated in 7 research projects and over a hundred research articles. Alongside teaching at the university, Prof. Nguyen Quang also supervised 7 Ph.D. level theses and numerous other M.A. academic research papers. To date, his publications include 10 course-books and 12 monographs.


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What people say about this ebook

Many satisfied readers using this eBook globally.

It has everything, from simple phrases that just sit on the tip of your tongue, to the really complex sentences that can make you sound extremely sophisticated

Trang Pháp
Singer & Songwriter

Talking on common topics isn’t hard, until you have something more to say than “I think so too”! This ebook showed me a lot of phrases that I knew before but could never remember to use.

B. Kanesh
Student - Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

This app showed me a lot of phrases that I knew before but could never remember to use. Overall, I’m very satisfied with Expressa.

Eric André
CEO - BDS Consulting, France

My work improved significantly and I became more comfortable to carry out more complicated conversations with my coworkers and boss

Hien Nguyen
Kenya Airways Country Manager Vietnam

Simple and elegant. Searching for phrases is very easy to do. I like how you only need to put in a few words and the app can tell what you’re trying to say and show you the sentences.

Vinh Pham Gia
Kenya Airways Country Manager Vietnam